A salary tracker for Slack
Salarybot is a fun side project that was created entirely by me (designer), Sasan (engineer) and Jayme (product manager) in Spring 2021. 
We created Salarybot after riding the GME rollercoaster and realizing that our stressful yet trivial investments were nothing compared to our hard-earned day job earnings. So, we made a Slackbot that brings more attention to our salaries by tracking it in new and fun ways.
Salarybot is available to everyone for free. You can learn more about how great it is on our website, salarybot.app. We hope that Salarybot will help you appreciate your paycheck and, in turn, stay motivated at work!
Design with constraints
Designing for Slack is challenging! My original idea for the app included a gallery of amazing custom-built graphs and charts. However, I quickly realized this was entirely impossible when I started experimenting with Block Kit, Slack's drag-and-drop app builder.
Rather than giving up, we got creative. We realized we could show salary graphs, but were limited to text and emojis. So, we made our "money meters" using just three emojis: 💰 🟩 ⬜
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