Design Request
Part 1: Create a mobile app launch screen and logo

Part 2: Create a mobile app experience for window washers to browse dirty window requests, review request details and submit proposals
This was a good exercise because I've washed two windows in the past year
Platform: iOS (mobile)

Screens: Launch, Browse, Details, and Proposal

Data Available: name, address & phone, number of windows & stories, screens, needs furniture moved, parking, access to water, and photos (optional)
Primary Goal: Drive proposal submissions

KPI: Total request views and submissions

Secondary Goal: Encourage use of the recommended price

KPI: Usage of price vs. custom price

Main User Persona: Individual washer (not a company), returning and familiar with the app and its settings
Design Tools
Brainstorming: Pen and paper

Research: Dribbble, Behance, Medium, Google

Design: Adobe XD

Accessibility: Contrast

Animation: Principle
Research & Inspiration
Booking services: TaskRabbit, Airbnb, Priceline, Google Flights

Mobile component: Sliders, date/time pickers, cards

Best practices: Card and F-pattern design, WCAG color contrast

Guerrilla research: I asked six friends this question:

If you’re doing a job for someone in your area, what is most important when deciding whether to do it or not?

Answer themes: Price, distance and the more information on the person requesting.
Logo lock-up: the app name with a simple mark of a square window
Logo variations of blue, white, and one-color black and white
Initial brainstorming and rough wireframes for the app experience
Sketch of the user flow from request review to proposal
The request page is a feed of potential jobs with top-level, at-a-glance information
Scroll animation on the request page with a persistent navigation bar
Request details page with the snapshot, location, property details, photos, contact info and similar requests
Scroll animation on the request details page with the proposal CTA anchored at the bottom
Proposal modal flow: Enter the price, day and time, then submit and explore more options
If a user rejects a request, they are asked to explain why
Final Thoughts
Edge cases (no results, too many results, recommended price disparities) were an afterthought but could change some of the design decisions.

Visualizing proposals to jobs ratio could have helped emphasize submission or caution washers of over-submitting.

It would have helped to better understand the users: what’s important to washers (price, windows, etc) as well as time sensitivity on requests
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